Mechanic Cowansville

Garage N. Bernard in Cowansville

Garage N. Bernard offers several services of mechanical maintenance since 1967. Enjoy the renowned team of our complete and modern automobile repair shop. Our experienced team will analyze, repair and maintain your car and light truck.

Garage N. Bernard, the MASTER of TIRE, is the reference in the region of Cowansville for quality and service. We install and sell new and used tires for all types of vehicles.

Mechanic is a passion in our family business. We are experienced to maintain and repair all the components of your vehicle: engine, brakes, air conditioning, suspension and more.

Find your new tires

Tires and car parts Cowansville

To find quality tires or auto parts, the Garage N. Bernard in Cowansville is the place of confidence.

We are retailers of new tires Bridgestone and Firestone, but also most brands of winter tires and all-season as Fuzion, Dayton, Michelin, Yokohama, Goodyear and Nokian.

We install light and heavy trucks tires, tires for recreational vehicle (RV) and all automobiles.

Bridgestone Cowansville Firestone Cowansville
Fuzion Cowansville Dayton Cowansville

Air conditioning

Air conditioning automobile car and loght trucks

Remember to maintain your car's air conditioning system to prevents costly repairs.

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Brakes and suspension

Brakes and shocks Garage N. Bernard Cowansville

You feel that your suspension and brakes are a bit worn. We will be able to check if they are still in good condition.

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Engine diagnostics

Engine diagnostics Garage N. Bernard Cowansville

Our garage has facilities to diagnose the failure injection, electronics and electricity.

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